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Postings: Baby Post, Christmas Travels, and PNG News

Dear Friends and Family,

Just in time for Christmas, here is our latest update. We bring news of Baby Post, our plans for the Christmas holiday, and an exciting opportunity for James in Papua New Guinea (PNG).


Introducing Baby Post #4: Nathaniel James. He’s here and already 2 months old!!

Born October 15, 2015, weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz, and measuring 21″ long, our little bundle of joy is healthy and happy. And in case you didn’t know how cute he is, take a look at this:

Nathaniel James

Nathaniel James

We are so grateful for Nathaniel, and so are his sisters and brother!  You can see pictures of them with him below.

We also have some exciting news from PNG: I (James) have been asked to write a Consultant level training course for Papua New Guinean Bible translators.

Paratext Course

Another Paratext Course is coming!

The first 3 courses that we already offer are quite popular and now the translators are asking for this 4th course to be developed.  I spent a lot of time and energy pouring myself into developing these courses so it is encouraging to have them be so well attended and sought after.  Praise God!

In other PNG news, we are hoping to travel back to PNG in April, 2016.  This is largely based on when we can get all of the paperwork done.  We have started this process, but definitely have a ways to go before everything is finished.

AND… we’re on our way to Michigan for Christmas.  We leave WA state this coming Monday, December 21 and will return on January 6.  We are looking forward to spending the holidays with our family there, and showing off Nathaniel (who has chunked up to a healthy 13 pounds already!).

Here are some things to pray for:

  • Paperwork processing and all that is involved.
  • Travel to/from Michigan.
  • Finding normalcy and routine during our travels and speaking engagements.
  • Praise: God gave us grace with the airlines and we were able to change the dates for our tickets from Michigan to Washington with NO fees!!  You can read more here: Christmas Plane Tickets.

Whether you pray for us, give financially, or encourage us along the way: thank you for being a part of our ministry.

Merry Christmas!

James and Christina

P.S. Pictures of cuteness are below:

Mikayla and Nathaniel

Mikayla and Nathaniel

Laurel and Nathaniel

Laurel and Nathaniel

Timothy and Nathaniel

Timothy and Nathaniel

Merry Christmas from the Posts

Merry Christmas from the Posts


Postings: Cross-Country Road Trip

We’re taking a road trip across the United States!  Can you believe it?!?!

Road Trip

Road Trip

Before we came to Michigan, we sent out an email letting people know we needed a vehicle for our time in Michigan.  God provided a van within 15 minutes!  Isn’t He amazing?!?!  As well, because the vehicle we had in WA wouldn’t fit 6 (baby in October), they said we could take the van with us.

So, we started thinking about a cross-country road trip.  It’s not every day that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this comes along!  It was a bit daunting at first, but we’re all excited.  Christina’s been working on road trip ideas, backpacks with binoculars, binders, and other fun things for the kids, games for in the car, and fun school stuff.  The kids have traveled really well during our road trips around Michigan, so we hope that they travel well on this trip.

We plan to leave tomorrow (Thursday, August 13) and arrive back home about 2.5 weeks later (Monday, August 31).  We’ll be visiting multiple states and landmarks along with friends, family, and ministry partners.  We’ll hit Chicago, Minneapolis, Mt Rushmore, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Spokane, just to name a few.  It’s not the most direct route, but definitely a more enjoyable one!

Please pray for safe travels, alertness on the road, happy kids, and good visits.  Please also pray as we finish packing, sorting, shipping, etc here in Michigan: the last few days can be quite hectic.

Grateful for a God who provides exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

Postings: How Do Your Kids Travel?

“Y’all are a professional traveling family.”  This was the well-phrased comment from my brother after we returned home after some travels.


Arriving at Portland International Airport

In all honesty, we ARE a professional traveling family.  With our “home” in Papua New Guinea (PNG), family in Washington state and Michigan (and other states), and partners all over, we have a lot of traveling to do.  Here’s a catalog of our travel back from PNG in 2014.

-Ukarumpa, PNG
-Port Moresby, PNG
-Brisbane, Australia
-Honolulu, Hawaii
-San Francisco, California
-Portland, Oregon
-Woodland, Washington

You'd be exhausted too!

You’d be exhausted too!

Recently when we were getting on a plane, somebody asked if it was Timothy’s first time traveling.  I laughed and said, “No, he’s probably traveled more than most adults”.  I mean, how many people can say they have literally flown across the world… twice, before the age of 3?!?!  It would be quite interesting to record how many miles our kids have logged already.

On the way to the airport

On the way to the airport

On a recent driving trip, Christina figured out a way to make Timothy sleep on command.  We even got video of it (click the picture below).  It was pretty awesome!

Timothy Falls Asleep on Command

Timothy Falls Asleep on Command

You can also view the video here: https://youtu.be/bWsSyqiIbxI.

Praise God that he has kept us safe during all of our travels, through multiple cities, states, time zones, countries, and continents.

  • Please pray for safety, good family time, and alertness as we travel.  Our upcoming 10-day trip takes us through much of Michigan and into the Chicago area (we leave tomorrow).
  • Please pray for our family, especially our kids, as we adjust through multiple transitions during our furlough.
  • Praise God that we were given a van to use in Michigan, and they are letting us take it back to Washington!
  • Praise God that we have about $550 per month to raise before we can go back to PNG.

In Him,

James and Christina

Postings: Facilitating Training in PNG

One of the joys of being on furlough is that we get to see how God provides for the people of Papua New Guinea, even when we’re not there!  ;-)

Paratext 1 Graduates

Paratext 1 Graduates

The Paratext 1 Course (graduates pictured above) was taught shortly after we came home for furlough.  18 PNG translators were trained, including translators that I have helped in my office before.  We are delighted to know that these translators now have the skills needed to use a computer for translation!

It has been encouraging to see the training courses that I (James) designed being taught to Papua New Guinean Bible translators.  Through taking these courses, translators are better equipped to use a computer for Bible translation, which drastically speeds up the translation process.  Before computers, New Testament translation could take 20-30 years.  With the help of computers, a New Testament can be finished in 7-15 years!

A number of our co-workers taught different lessons and others helped the participants learn the new skills.

Graduates and Trainers

Graduates and Trainers

The classroom was packed full.  Yes!!

A Full House!

A Full House!

What a blessing for us to know that the courses which I worked so hard on are being taught while we are gone!  Praise God that he has provided more people to teach these courses!

  • Please pray that the translators being trained would remember and use the skills they learned.
  • Please pray for us as we continue to meet with partners around Michigan.
  • Please pray that God would raise up new financial partners: we are currently about $750/month below budget for our return to PNG.

Postings: Michigan and Travels

Dear Friends and Family,

We’re on our way to Michigan in 2 days (Wednesday, May 6).  It’s hard to believe that’s coming up on us so quickly!  Our time in Washington state has been good and encouraging and we’re looking forward to visiting with family, friends, and partners when we’re in Michigan.  We will be staying with my (James’) parents, which will make it very easy for the kids to get their Gramma and Grandpa time!  :-D  They talk about visiting Gramma Rachie and Grandpa Doug all the time!  We’ll also get to see Andrew and Evan while we’re there, which is exciting.

2015_05 Post Family Photo SDBeautiful Park: May, 2015

Here’s some highlights of our last few months:

-Sharing at Wycliffe Associate banquets in the area, where we were able to make some good and encouraging connections.
-Having a very meaningful and uplifting time of sharing and visiting at a Benefit Concert at our home church.  Over $2200 was raised!  These funds will be used to further the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea (PNG), by providing scholarships for Papua New Guinean Bible translators to receive further training for the translation work.
-Trip to Florida for Wycliffe training/missionary re-entry program.  This was a time of being refreshed and blessed by Wycliffe, plus having some needed down-time as a family.  The kids loved the pool! (see pic below).
-Having the course that James designed taught to Papua New Guinean Bible translators not only once but TWICE!  It’s really neat to still have a part in Bible translation in PNG even while we’re in the US.
-Multiple people from different countries are requesting the training materials for the courses James has designed.  This has been a hope that is becoming a reality: that these materials would be useful beyond PNG.
-Getting our round-trip tickets to Michigan almost for FREE because we let United Airlines bump us on the way back from Florida.  Praise God for such a blessing!

James and Kids at the PoolSwimming!  March, 2015

Some of the things we’re looking forward to in Michigan:

Visiting our supporting churches in the Holland/Grand Rapids area and Gaylord.
Reconnecting with friends and ministry partners
-2 of the biggest family reunions of the year!

We have some Prayer/Praise items for our time in Michigan:

-Prayer: We need to borrow a car from May until mid-August (note: it doesn’t have to fit our whole family).
-Praise/Prayer: Our schedule in Michigan is coming together: lots of travel, but we’re seeing God’s hand in it.
-Prayer: It’s a time of transition for us and the kids.
-Prayer: For wisdom in knowing how to manage a very busy schedule.
-Prayer: For health (most of us have colds right now) and safe travel.

2015_04 Post Family Photo SDApril, 2015

Postings: Furlough

Many people ask, “Are you going back to PNG?” And our answer is an enthusiastic YES! Lord willing, we will be returning to PNG (Papua New Guinea) early in 2016.

And for now, we are officially on furlough! What is furlough? Time spent in the U.S. continuing to advance the work of Bible translation by:

  • Sharing about our ministry with churches, small groups, and individuals
  • Re-connecting with friends and family
  • Completing more missionary training courses that will help us thrive on the field
  • Doing partnership development: Before we can return to Papua New Guinea we need to meet the ministry budget requirements set for us by Wycliffe. Our current financial partnership level falls over $900/month short of what we need to be released to return to PNG. The cost of living in the U.S. pushes our budget even higher while we are on furlough. Please prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you be a part of helping us meet these financial needs and/or praying for us and our ministry.
  • Doing computer consulting for Bible translators: This is a huge aspect of James’ role in PNG, and he can continue to serve this need even from the States because of the internet!
  • Developing training materials for Bible translators: Teaching workshops and training Bible translators is another aspect of James’ role in PNG. Here in the States he continues with the ongoing work of writing Coursebooks and preparing training materials. In January James completed the Coursebook for the Level 3 Paratext (Bible translation software) Course which took place in PNG over the last couple of weeks. Below is a picture from the Paratext 3 graduation. It warms are hearts to see these men, our friends and co-workers, advancing their skills in Bible translation. We miss being among them and working alongside of them, but are grateful for the ability to be involved even from afar.
Paratext 3 Course Photo

Paratext 3 Class Photo

See more photos at the bottom of this email.

We have settled into life in Washington State, with plans to visit Michigan sometime during the summer/fall months. We don’t have those dates nailed down yet, but when we know them, we’ll let you know.


  • Pray: For health as we travel to Wycliffe Headquarters in Orlando, FL (Feb 22 – Mar 3).
  • Pray: For wisdom in balancing our schedule so that we don’t burnout here or in PNG.
  • Pray: For spiritual protection: Satan tried to derail our ministry, but was unsuccessful. We believe that God will send us back to PNG stronger than we were before.
  • Host us: Would you be willing to host a small gathering at your house? We’d love to come and share about our ministry with you and your friends.
  • Partner with us: We need regular financial partners. Wycliffe cannot release us to return to PNG until we have met 100% of our ministry budget.
  • Be a Prayer Partner: We also need dedicated prayer support for our ministry to be effective.

If you would like to partner with us, please go to www.ThePostsInPNG.com/partner


Send a check with a note saying, “Preference for the ministry of James and Christina Post 240439” along with the amount that you would like to give:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
c/o Receipts Dept
PO Box 628200
Orlando, Florida 32862

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is faithful and we are seeing his work in our lives and our ministry.

Serving the Lord with you,

James and Christina
February 12, 2015

P.S. Here are those photos:

Stephen and Victor

Stephen and Victor (friends of ours)

Center - Mara (has come to James' office many times)

Center – Mara (has come to James’ office many times)

Stephen and John (Course Instructor): Long time translators and good friends

Stephen and John (Course Instructor): Long time translators and good friends