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It’s So Cold!!  It’s So Hot!!

The other night was the COLDEST night we’ve had since we came to PNG 5 years ago.  By the time the sun came up, it had “warmed” up to the low 40s outside.

It's so Cold!!

It’s so Cold!!

In the meantime, our bedroom was a whopping 46 degrees F.  BRRRRR!!

By late morning, the direct sunlight had heated our thermometer to over 100 degrees F!

It's so hot!!

It’s so hot!!

This isn’t the first time we’ve had large temperature fluctuations within the same day.  And luckily that was just the temperature in direct sunlight: the “real” temperature averages about 75 – 80 degrees during the day.

The Spiritual Climate in PNG

The spiritual climate in PNG is much like the above temperatures.  Some people are on fire for Jesus and the Gospel while others are unfortunately cold and unreceptive.  It’s heart breaking when we hear stories of the stronghold that the enemy still has over some people in PNG, but we know that God has been and is working in the hearts of the people here.

For example: shortly before we came to PNG, Ukarumpa village (just across the river from Ukarumpa center) had a very violent fight which resulted in the deaths of multiple people.  But God has worked in the hearts of many there and just this past weekend they celebrated 6 years of peace by presenting a love offering to the Lord (they’ve been doing this annually for the last 6 years).  It was an overwhelming response from the people, expressing their thanks to God for the peace He has granted them:

Arranging the Love Offering

Arranging the Love Offering

An Outpouring of Thankfulness

An Outpouring of Thankfulness

It’s neat to hear stories like this, showing how God is working in the hearts of the people here in PNG.

Thank you for your part in praying for and financially supporting us and our Wycliffe ministry in PNG.  We couldn’t do it without the faithful prayers and financial gifts from so many of you!

Prayer and Praise

Here are some ways that you can continue to pray for us:

  • Prayer: Plane tickets: James is going to a conference in Thailand in October.
  • Prayer: For James as he plans out revisions for a Basic Computing Course here in Ukarumpa
  • Praise: The dry season (yes, there’s a “dry” season in PNG) lasted longer than we were expecting and we were very short on drinking water.  We were able to get a HUGE new tank installed (2500 gallons!), fill it with river water, and purify it.  At the same time, it started raining more regularly.
  • Prayer and Praise: Our whole family has been adjusting well to life back in PNG.  Please pray as we continue to adjust.
  • Praise: As of August 15th, we’ve been in PNG for 5 years!  Praise God!

In Christ,

James and Christina

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