Postings: Exciting Expectations

We are expecting a number of things in the next few months to a year.  Be sure to check out our most exciting news at the end of this newsletter.

Paratext 1 Course

We are expecting about 20 Papua New Guinean Bible translators for a Paratext 1 Course in about 1.5 weeks (Nov 2-15).  I (James) am excited to teach them how to better use computers for Bible translation.  We are also looking forward to hosting them for tea, getting to know them, and hearing their stories of how God called them into Bible translation.

June Paratext Course Graduation Tea

June Paratext Course Graduation Tea

Improving Bible Translations

My trip to Thailand went really well, both for me in Thailand and for Christina and the kiddos in PNG.  Christina was just sharing that it went very well and that she could totally feel your prayers.  THANK YOU for praying!

Much of my training in Thailand was about improvements to the translation software (Paratext).  We expect that translation teams in PNG will be able to use this updated software in the future to improve their translations and translation process.

I also got to ride an elephant AND enjoy excellent Thai food!

Elephant Ride!

Elephant Ride

The Most Exciting News

Our most exciting news is that we are expecting a baby in May 2017!!

Reserved: May 2017

Reserved: May 2017

We are happy that we will be able to have this baby in PNG at a mission-run hospital.  We are grateful for this opportunity because it will be a lot less stressful to make this transition to a family of 7 without two international moves on either side of the delivery. :-)

We were amazed to see our baby actively moving in the ultrasound!  Click on the picture below to see the video!  It’s amazing to see such detail when the baby is only about 2″ long!

Look at the detail in that hand!!

Look at the detail in that hand!!

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: The gift of a new life!
  • Prayer: Safety and health for Christina and the baby.
  • Prayer: James, the Bible translators, and mentors during the Paratext Course.
  • Praise: A good trip to Thailand.

In Christ,

James and Christina

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