Postings: Please Pray for James’ Trip to Thailand

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. (Genesis 28:15a)


I (James) am leaving for a conference in Thailand in less than 2 days!  I will be gone from Monday, Oct 3 – Friday, Oct 14.  This conference will enable me to better support Bible translators in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  It’s exciting and yet a bit intimidating at the same time.  I’ve never traveled to Thailand before (or any part of Asia except PNG), so would appreciate prayers for all of the travel to go smoothly.  I’ll be traveling through Australia on the way and Singapore on the way back.

I’m looking forward to some authentic Pad Thai (and other traditional Thai dishes), riding an elephant, and seeing the sights of Chiang Mai (where our conference will be held).

I'm excited about riding an elephant!

I’m excited about riding an elephant!

What Will Christina and the Kiddos Do?

Christina will be at home alone with the kiddos while I’m gone.  Please pray for her as she manages the household and all that entails.  We’ve never been apart for this long before.  We are grateful that a number of missionary and Papua New Guinean friends will be available to help.  Judging by this photo (when we only had 3 kids), I think she’ll manage quite well!

Super Mom!

Super Mom!

Fun Picture from PNG

One of the things we love about PNG is the fresh produce.  Take a look at these carrots from our Papua New Guinean friend’s garden!

Carrots thicker than Nathaniel's leg!

Carrots thicker than Nathaniel’s leg!


Here are some ways you can pray/praise with us:

  • Praise: God has provided this opportunity to better serve the people of PNG.
  • Prayer: For Christina and the kids as they are home without James.  Christina also has a cold right now.
  • Praise: The majority of the costs of this trip (travel, lodging, and food) are being covered because it’s a “business” trip.
  • Prayer: For travel to go smoothly, and James to return in time for Nathaniel’s 1st birthday (Oct 15).

In Him,

James and Christina

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